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B. David Levine is a renowned luxury interior and architectural designer, acclaimed for his award-winning, timeless designs showcased at major international design fairs and custom luxury homes.

About B. David Levine

B. David Levine is a luxury interior and architectural designer. He has exhibited at Dwell on Design, Westedge Design Fair, ICFF, Art Furniture LAX, and the New York Design Center.

With his extensive design experience, David has received the prestigious A' Design International product award. He has also won the Designer's Challenge on HGTV and designs multi-million-dollar homes from the ground up. His magnificent luxury living spaces withstand the test of time.

David's approach is all-encompassing, infused with his vast knowledge of design principles from classic to contemporary. His love of detail leads the way, as he expertly integrates form, function, and timeless elegance.

The B. David Levine brand includes furniture, wall coverings, rugs, lighting, and fabrics. Traveling worldwide for research and sourcing materials for his clients and his Los Angeles-based showroom, David brings an international perspective. David has a fine art background and an extensive knowledge of the U.S. market, to his licensing partners both domestic and international. He welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with new companies.

For over thirty years, B. David Levine has offered architectural and interior design to discerning clients throughout Southern California. His clients, often creative professionals themselves, understand and demand world-class expertise. With extensive design experience, Levine's approach is all-encompassing, infused with a vast knowledge of design principles from classic to contemporary. Awareness of the importance of detail for a luxurious experience allows David to successfully integrate form, function, and timeless elegance into each of his designs.

His projects have ranged from a classic American craftsman bungalow overlooking the Pacific in Santa Barbara, to a French style chateau in Brentwood. He excels at developing interior and architectural projects from the ground up and specializes in fantasy homes with features such as wine cellars, custom theater rooms, and exquisite architectural elements. During this time, David has acquired a wide experience designing a myriad of home products and furnishings, from custom rugs and wall coverings, to unique pieces of modern furniture.

Traveling worldwide for research and sourcing materials for his clients, and his Los Angeles-based showroom, David brings an international perspective, a fine art background, and an extensive knowledge of the U.S. market, to his licensing partners both domestic and international. He welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with new companies.

B. David Levine introduced his latest collection of furniture, wall coverings, and rugs at the 2014 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York. Levine launched additional products at the Los Angeles Dwell on Design tradeshow.

About Us
Pasadena Showcase HouseWave Collection

Calypso Oval Cup

Crafted by Home Jewels for B. David Levine. The Calypso Oval Cup by Home Jewels embodies the essence of luxury and elegance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it features gold-plated bronzes, clear crystal, and a stunning malachite cabochon, exuding an aura of majesty and splendor. Perfect for indulging in your desires, this cup is a symbol of opulence and refinement, elevating any setting with its exquisite design.
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Calypso Oval Cup


Crafted by Brand Van Egmond and curated by B. David Levine. Introducing the Ersa Oval Chandelier by Brand Van Egmond, a captivating homage to the Greek Goddess of dew. With a standard finish available in black matte, bronze, nickel, brass, brass burnished, nickel aged, and copper burnished, this exquisite fixture captures the essence of nature's dew drops, shimmering in the morning light. Crafted with sinewy branches of metal and organic-shaped glass, this sculptural masterpiece adds a touch of organic elegance to any space. Available in four sizes, each chandelier is a unique, handcrafted piece, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Please note that the two largest sizes require a special-rated junction box for fixtures weighing over 50 pounds.
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Pasadena Showcase HouseSideboards


Designed by Ego and curated by B. David Levine. The 'Sipario Sideboard' by Ferruccio Laviani for EGO is part of the 'New Renaissance' furniture collection. This distinctive piece features an undulating wooden cabinet adorned with Aubusson tapestry, a traditional weaving technique originating from central France. The tapestry depicts scenes of men and women working the land, framed by intricate floral and foliage motifs. The curved doors add to the elegant design of this custom-made sideboard, showcasing a unique tapestry. This exceptional piece was showcased at Salone del Mobile during Milan Design Week 2012.
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Dining TablesPasadena Showcase House


Designed by Riva 1920 and curated by B. David Levine. The Kauri Cube table by Riva 1920 is a testament to the unparalleled beauty and history of Kauri wood (Agathis Australis). This unique conifer, native to the subtropical climates of New Zealand, boasts a rich legacy dating back to the Jurassic period, approximately 190-135 million years ago. Renowned for their monumental size, with heights exceeding 70 meters and diameters reaching 9 meters, Kauri trees hold the world record for trunk volume. Once exploited by English colonists for their precious and rare wood, these majestic trees are now protected by stringent New Zealand legislation. Among them stands "Tane Mahuta," the largest living Kauri, revered as the "Lord of the Forest" in the Maori language. Millennia ago, cataclysms submerged entire Kauri forests, creating underground reserves of wood that have defied decomposition and petrification. Remarkably, these buried logs retain the qualities of freshly cut wood, preserved by the absence of oxygen and unique soil conditions. The Kauri Cube table celebrates this enduring legacy, merging the natural beauty of Kauri wood with a contemporary geometric iron base, showcasing nature's resilience and timeless elegance.
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Our Process
David Step 1
Step 1
Discovering Elegance in the Pages
B. David Levine begins the design process by exploring our captivating catalogs. Diving into a visual symphony of Italian and European designs that blend contemporary flair with timeless sophistication. Each catalog is a gateway to inspiration, guiding David to select bespoke furniture, lighting, rugs, and textiles that resonate with his unique vision.
Step 2
Seeking Treasures Across Continents
David ventures beyond the ordinary as he personally curate and uncover hidden gems from exclusive locations across Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Denmark. David's discerning eye ensures that each piece in our collection reflects the epitome of design and quality, creating a selection that was once unavailable on the West Coast.
David Step 2
David Step  3
Step 3
Unveiling European Craftsmanship
David now gets to experience the thrill of revelation as the unboxing of the treasures sourced directly from Europe is here. Opening each product box is a moment of anticipation and appreciation, revealing the meticulous craftsmanship that defines our curated collection. From the heart of Europe to the B. David Levine showroom, we ensure the integrity and beauty of every item are preserved.
Step 4
Transforming Spaces with Opulence
Now we can witness the magic as David brings the curated pieces to life in the showroom. Here, David takes center stage as he thoughtfully arranges, decorates, and designs the space. The showroom becomes a dynamic canvas where opulence and innovation converge, showcasing sumptuous furnishings and carefully chosen accessories to create an immersive experience. Step into our showroom and witness the seamless fusion of European design and B. David Levine's commitment to elevating your space with unparalleled style.
David Step 4
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