Polaris 100

by manooi


János Héder designed the Polaris 100 Chandelier for Manooi. With both mineral and stellar associations, this chandelier captivates and represents a new departure in the manufacturing possibilities of the brand. It is composed of polished stainless steel. The Polaris 100 Chandelier is available in classic transparent or colored crystal combination.  Chandelier with a + sign: the top of the chandelier is also covered with crystal chains.

Polaris is available in 3 standard shapes and can be further enhanced by choice combination of colored crystals.



    Type: Suspended chandelier
    Structure: Polished stainless steel
    Trimmings: Full-cut crystal octagons and pendants
    Pinnings: Nickel plated rings
    Suspension: Galvanized bowden cable - 1,5 mm
    Bulb:  Max 60 W - G9 halogen
    Cable: Transparent PVC+PVC - 250 cm
    Ceiling: Polished chrome-plated steel ceiling rose













    Size 1: L 27.5"   W 14.5"   H 5.5"
    Size 2: L 39.25"   W 21"   H 6.25"
    Size 3: L 47.25"   W 25.5"   H 7"
    Size 4: L 27.5"   W 14.5"   H 6.75"
    Size 5: L 39.25"   W 21"   H 8"
   Size 6: L 47.25"   W 25.5"   H 9"




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