Encino Interior Design

To turn your house into the beautiful home that you have always dreamed of, you need to work with an Encino interior designer that excels at bringing visions to reality.

David Levine has been helping clients bring their unique personality and taste into their homes for more than 30 years. David specializes in creating designs that are both attractive and functional, melding style and the needs of day-to-day living seamlessly together.
David articulates his personal missions statement saying, “My goal as an interior designer is always to fully interpret the client’s tastes and vision. I strive to create designs and an environment that exceeds the client’s expectations.”

Indeed, as an expert in Encino interior design, David’s passion is to bring creative and customized designs to his clients. With a long and proven track record of excellence, it isn’t difficult to see why David Levine is among the industry’s leading interior designers.

Not only is David dedicated and earnest about his work, but he also offers a comprehensive design service unique in the industry. With a knowledgeable understanding of architecture and building planning, David can advise on new home projects from start to finish, ensuring that a client’s architectural and design goals are in sync. Similarly, when working on remodels or helping clients transition into a new existing home David can help families maximize every aspect of their space. While there may be many Encino interior designers to choose from, few match David’s ability in this regard.

Such knowledge and experience enables David to achieve an endless variety of looks for his clients. Drawing inspiration from many styles, including classic, modern, traditional, rustic, contemporary and more, David not only creates a unique design every time, but he creates a design that is certain to be uniquely yours.

To find the pieces that bring your vision for your home to life, David will grant you access to some of the finest interior design items available today. If something that you love cannot be found in his travels or shopping, David will design it with your input and then have it custom built for your space. With an exclusive connection to many high-end lines, David promises a wide variety of excellent items to choose from.

Of course, when working with any interior designer, Encino residents want to not only trust in a professional’s ability, but in their ethics and integrity as well. Among David’s core beliefs is a strong commitment to people and planet. Always working with sustainability in mind, David provides many innovative design solutions that incorporate renewable materials, salvaged architectural accessories and up-cycled vintage and antique items.

In locating furnishings, fabrics and accessories across the world, David always honors the artisans and their craft. He works with individuals who honor old-world art and values, and hold to fair-trade standards. Not only will you love the space that David creates for you, but you can find great peace of mind knowing that your home was designed in good faith and conscious practice.  

After all, peace of mind and comfort are among the most sacred things our homes have to offer us. By working with a highly regarded Encino interior designer like David, you can truly realize your home’s stunning and stylish potential. Start on the path to achieving the home you have always desired by contacting David Levine. He can be reached via email or by calling 818-623-8641.


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