Van Gogh Sunflowers Table Lamp

by vetreria busato

When the lamp is off, it takes the appearance of a splendid bouquet of sunflowers.
Composition inspired by the famous painting by Van Gogh.

Vetreria Artistica Busato carries out an original work of art to each customer, offering one of a kind pieces of inestimable artistic value.

The blown glass is realized through an ancient technique that had origin in the first century A.C in Middle East and successively in every Country but expecially in Murano , today recognized all over the world like the native land of glass art.  The glass comes preliminarily fused into a ” crogiolo”, it comes then captured from the Master with a long tube of iron, the ” canna”. To this point the Master blows into of the tube in order to put molding on the drop of glass previously captured, to assume the form wished before that he makes solid itself. The simple principle described here is transformed in art in the hands of the Master that it succeeds to extrapolate from an opera shapeless material of rare beauty.


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All items made to order. Lead time may vary from 3 to 6 weeks.

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