Glass Mosaics

by fantini mosaici

Fantini Mosaici is one of the leading mosaic artisans in Italy.  Using their special skills in working and laying techniques, Fantini’s artisans’ create superb mosaic floorings, ‘Venetian terrazzos’, marble and pebblestone pavements.

Magnificent and luxurious public buildings and palaces, boast Fantini’s artistic touch: from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to Versace Palace Hotel & Condominium, examples of splendour and mastery.


Mosaic techniques:

Marble Mosaic, hand cut in different dimensions and finishes for indoor and outdoor surfaces to give unique combinations of color and shade.

Glass Mosaic, used mainly in swimming pools, but also for walls, with the advantage of offering a wide range of colors.

Gold Mosaic, used in different indoor and outdoor surfaces, usually to enhance a detail in a project.

Enamel Mosaic, used mainly for artistic mosaic where images are replicated, such as work for churches, or for example Botticelli’s Primavera

Venetian Mosaic and Palladiana, a unique and old technique that has its own charm, where small pieces of mosaic are hand cut in an irregular way. Examples of Venetian mosaic can be seen in the mosaic courtyards of most representative Milanese buildings.

All items made to order. Lead time may vary from 3 to 6 weeks.

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