Olinala Trays

by alicia d'core

Alicia D'core is a Mexican Brand, focused in generating value by working with specialized and expert Mexican Artisans.


"Olinala trays" are hand made by artisans from Olinala, Guerrero-Mexico.  With a tecnique called "rayado-vaciado" (rulling-hollowing out) mithycal and traditional figures are created over a tray made of wood, using pigments made in a very traditional and autochthonous way with vegetable paints produced by them (chia oil, tecoxtle, quartz, limestone, cotton fiber and natural pigments)


To shape the proposed design they use pre-hispanic tools such us maguey spines, agates and jades, deer tails, turkey feathers, etc,  preserving this art in modern, useful and fine objects.



All items made to order. Lead time may vary from 3 to 6 weeks.

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