by veve glass

NOGUCHI is an object support, a fruit bowl in black and ivory Murano glass with an innovative shape.


Noguchi was an American artist and designer, best known for a piece of modern furniture: the coffee table. We were inspired by this masterpiece, and we created this centerpiece with three supports to hold in addition to fruit, other things like flowers, candy, jewelry, objects, etc.  Its asymmetrical and balanced composition blends the glass nature with the technology, and the design beauty with functionality.


The procedure to create this Murano glass centerpiece is very complex and laborious. The first step is to compose the sequence of colors, while the second one is to create the shape. This is realized with the glass fusing technique using opaque Murano glass, black and ivory. The glass processing technique is performed entirely by hand. It is an elegant object that fit well with any modern interior.


Black and ivory.


Size:  W 21.5"   D 13.75"


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