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Along the coast of Venice, behind the beach strip, you meet dunes placed parallel to the shore, interspersed with lowlands. This environment represents a condition of dynamic equilibrium between vegetation, sediments, sea currents and wind. Above all the bora wind has shaped the vast system of dunes which can reach 8-10 meters in height.


The DUNE centerpiece with its undulating central decoration recalls this system of dunes that characterizes the coast of the Venetian lagoon.


Dune was designed as big centerpiece that would become the protagonist of any big flat surface. Black glass with a central decoration made of colored grits. The combination of black and of the bright central decoration makes it an elegant and magnetic object.


This centerpiece was produced with very thin glass dusts and with a processing that is similar to that of an hourglass. The first step is the creation of the central granular decoration, with an effervescent effect given by the air bubbles and the colors. The air bubbles are a consequence of the glass fusing technique, which melts more than one glass or grit. The bubbles are generated by the high temperature fusing process.


Dimensions:  W 29.5"   D 14.25"   H 6"


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