by masiero

DRYLIGHT® technology, a filed industrial patent, permits MASIERO to offer a complete line of OUTDOOR lighting products with an IP65 protection level. Thanks to this technology, it is now possible to fit any outdoor environment with Venetian style chandeliers, with the same safety as a regular outdoor light.


- Protection against water and dust, corrosion resistant.  Suitable for installation in baths, spas and swimming pools. tested in saline fog, ideal for coastal areas and marine use


- Resistant to high and low temperatures.  Tested in climate chamber, with a temperature range from -30°C a +50°C


- Resistance to stress, wind and other impacts.  UV resistant.  The structure is made of pmma, a material not subject to crystallization or yellowing, tested for extreme environments


- Lightness, modularity and easy installation.  Lightweight and ready-foruse articles, no assembly required


- White LED lighting or RGBW LED lighting


- Suitable for the most advanced home automation systems




Drylight is one of the Top stylish outdoor chandelier on the market today.  Made in Italy, Drylight's technology is one of the main features of Masiero’s collection. 


The arms of this outdoor chandelier are in extra-strong PMMA (an advanced material derived from the automotive industry); the central structure is in 30% glass fiber reinforced nylon, the diffusers are made from impact resistant borosilicate (Pyrex) The pendants are made of polycarbonate with a steel cord that does not oxidize or rust.


The DRYLIGHT® collection, includes suspension lights, wall lights, table and floor lamps, takes its name from the revolutionary DRYLIGHT® technology that ensures impermeability and water resistance, an IP65 protection rating and impressive durability in outdoor use thanks to a clever combination of glass, polycarbonate and glass fiber reinforced nylon.


Drylight resembles the classic style of the Venetian masters that inspires all Masiero collections and is embodied in innovative and original materials for the outdoor lighting sector. It creates a range of elegant and sophisticated lights ideal for illuminating terraces, swimming pools, gardens and outside spaces in general.


The collection is available in various colors, all capable of creating unique lighting and scenic effects with an excellent level of efficiency thanks to a low consumption illumination system based on low voltage lamps or RGB LEDs.



    Dimensions: W 26.75"    H 19.25"
    Canopy: W 8"    H 5"
    Wattage: 6 x LED














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