Residential Interior Design

Residential Interior Design

-  Complete home design from the ground up.

-  Total residential design concepts, remodels.

-  Furniture design, selection, upholstery, purchasing.

-  Kitchens, bathrooms.

-  Lighting, window treatments, accessories, built ins.

-  Consultation, coordination, installation.

-  Working drawings, plans, renderings, documents.

Architectural & Remodel Design

-  Remodels, additions.

-  Interior and exterior redesign.

-  Architectural and design details.

-  Design concepts, working drawings.

-  Material selections, site coordination.

Contract Interior Design

-  Complete commercial design services.

-  Space planning concepts, details.

-  Document preparation, specification.

-  Purchasing, installation.

-  Retail spaces, offices, health care facilities, hospitality.

Space Planning

-  Space planning and design of all types of interiors.

-  Furniture plans, traffic flow, task areas, room layouts.

Custom Details

Details are crucial to design success.


-  We design Custom mouldings, hardware

-  fireplaces, chimney caps

-  doors & windows

-  gutters, downspouts

-  lighting fixtures

-  elevators, iron work

-  tiles, tile layouts and more.


-  We design custom residential and commercial furniture.

-  We've also created our own line of furniture and fabrics.

-  We design fabric, carpets, wallcoverings, patterns.

-  We also license designs.

-  We are available for custom textile design.

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