Santa Barbara Interior Design

Your Santa Barbara Interior Design represents who you are and what you love about life. The ambiance and atmosphere of your home sets the tone for the way you live and enjoy the world. At B. David Levine Designs we believe you deserve the very best your home can offer. By working together we can elevate your environment to new levels of luxury and beauty.

For centuries, people have been modifying and updating their surroundings as a means of self-expression, and to improve their quality of life. The practice of interior design has evolved from this desire. For more than thirty years, David has carefully studied ways to increase the comfort, functionality, and convenience of a living space without compromising aesthetic integrity. His dedication to his art, clients and design theory has earned him an excellent reputation among interior designers in Santa Barbara.

David has had experience with countless projects, yet despite the many designs he has brought bring to life, each and every one is distinctly different. What makes each project so unique? The answer is you—you are at the center of everything we do at B. David Levine Designs. By working closely with you, his client, David is able to understand your personality, preferences, and goals so that he may capture them all in your interior design. 

For the discerning Santa Barbara clientele we serve, there is no project too small to tackle and no design problem too large for us to solve. Whether you are looking to redesign a few rooms, or are in need of a total home design, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. From architectural design, commercial offices and buildings, to luxury residences and estates, our extensive services all adhere to David’s standards of excellence and high design.

From the early planning stages of your project to the finishing touch, David uses only the very best materials available. As a well-traveled artist, David has developed working relationships with craftsmen and artisans across the globe, bringing back the best of their work to his clients. With his ability to customize such furnishings, fabrics and accessories, David promises a highly personalized Santa Barbara interior design that is certain to be both an extension of you, and an extension of all the beauty and luxury the world has to offer.

For David, beauty and design are far more than just a business. Beauty and design are a part of how we live, how we live today and how we will live twenty years from now. Start really living by truly loving the home you are in. We invite you to email or call B. David Levine at
855-848-2352 for all of your Santa Barbara interior designer needs.


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