Beverly Hills Interior Design Firm

Known for being one of the most beautiful places to reside in the world, Beverly Hills interior design is as noteworthy and stylish as the individuals and families that call this incredible area home. In this amazing place where celebrities, the affluent and their families build luxurious houses, it is only natural that the very best interior designers dedicate their full efforts to clients who live here.

B. David Levine has been helping individuals and families bring comfort, luxury and style to their homes for more than 30 years. Specializing in the designs that continually evolve in the Beverly Hills area, David consistently creates designs that are unique, timeless and functional.

Known as a Beverly Hills interior designer who connects on a personal and professional plane with each of his clients, David is dedicated to bringing the vision a client has for their home to life. With each project David strives to exceed his clients’ expectations, providing them with a space that offers style and sanctuary, a space that supports life and luxury, and a space that can truly be called home.

Among the many attributes that separate B. David Levine from other Beverly Hills interior designers is his unique understanding of architectural design and planning. With such experience, David often consults on building projects from start to finish, overseeing every detail to make sure the project’s progression runs smoothly and the end result is perfect.  This knowledge also enables David to design spaces in ways that maximize a home’s physical features with comfortable, intuitive, functional and organic arrangements.

After all, sustainable designs that facilitate both a stylish presentation and day-to-day living and entertaining needs are key to David’s interior design philosophy. Central to David’s professional ethics is also a commitment to protecting people and planet. Always working with green and ethical practices in mind, B. David Levine offers his clients the most efficient materials, architectural accessories and up-cycled antique items.

As an interior designer in Beverly Hills, David also travels the world to bring back the finest fabrics, most exquisite pieces of ceramic and pottery, and richest leather accessories among many other one-of-a-kind items. Through such travels, David uses his global sourcing and professional connections, to bring the very best furnishings, accessories, and architectural elements to his clients. These are the pieces your guests are sure to notice with admiration. David also offers exclusive access to some of the best design lines available today. Moreover, if the perfect piece for your home cannot be found anywhere, David will arrange to have it custom built for you.

The homes in Beverly Hills are among the most beautiful in the world. Some of the world’s best interior design firms also call this famous community home, among them there is none with more talent and artistic flair than B. David Levine. Call (818) 623-8641 to discuss your project and learn more about David‘s services.


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